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Thanks to our engineering and programming department, we are able to meet the needs of today's industry by manufacturing machines and developing complex processes that meet the requirements of our customers.


  • Conveyors (packaging and dosing in the food industry)
  • Robotics (palletizing, inventory management, security systems, handling, optimization)
  • Distribution systems (food industry, manufacturing industry and raw materials)
  • Process regulation
  • Data management systems


Boltech Industrie has proven itself by managing and carrying out numerous projects. Our goal is to offer you the best solutions at the cutting edge technology.

We offer a remote supervision and management service via smart phone and highly secure networking.


  • Electrical Design and Drawings
  • 3D Mechanical Design and Drawings
  • Project Management
  • Process Engineering
  • Industrial Data
  • Automation and Control
  • Robotics
  • Production Optimization Study
  • Software update and System Migration
  • Technical Support
  • Training


Our mission is to offer our customers modular buildings and soundproofing industrial products adapted to their needs. Whether for the small, medium or large company, all our products are developed on
measure, complaying, in all respects, to the initial quotes of the customers.

Our experienced team makes a point to well advise the client on different options available, ensures rigorous project monitoring at all stages of production and offers a fast, courteous and professional service.

Boltech Industrie specializes in design, engineering and construction of prefabricated modular buildings. Whether for a cabin operator, a control room, or a factory office, our buildings meet the highest standards for noise control and air quality.

Our premium quality satin steel construction, coated with paint baked polyester, gives an exceptional quality finish, in addition to being easy maintenance and extremely durable.

Depending on the complexity of your project, Boltech Industrie can deliver a monohull or modular building, in which case, installation can be done by your employees with the help of a supervisor, or entirely by our team.



With more than 4,000 projects carried out in fields such as water purification, industrial humidification systems, management of industrial heating and lighting systems, food and manufacturing processing,  data acquisition and processing, Boltech Industrie's robotics offers you turnkey solutions that meet your expectations and propel you beyond the competition.

Boltech Industrie uses the best components (Allen-Bradley, Siemens, etc.) in order to offer high-quality products that meet the highest requirements while remaining competitive.

This makes us an essential partner in several business sectors:

  • Recreational
  • Water treatment and purification
  • Lighting, heating, pump and ventilation control
  • Automation of complex machines
  • Food and raw materials management
  • Process regulation
  • Data acquisition systems
  • Management of robotic systems (vision, palletization)

Our Suppliers

Boltech Industrie uses the best components to offer high quality products that meet your requirements.

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Boltech Industrie is a membre of Groupe P. Bolduc

Groupe P. Bolduc includes four companies specializing in complementary business sectors to meet all your industrial needs.

Machining, automation, programming, robotics, laser cutting, folding, welding, painting, assembly make it a UNIQUE solution to develop your industrial projects.

When the workforce is lacking

Boltech Industrie offers you the means to continue your growth even if the employees are scarce, thanks to a technology and a service that meet ISO 9001:2015 standards.